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Recasting Power – 100 thousand poets fot change 2012 in Bucharest

September, 29th , 2012 , Romania, a new event in 100thousand poets for change campaign

Poetry: Recasting Power”, new and established Romanian poets on power at Club Energiea in Bucharest:

17.00 – Photo exhibition by Alex Conu on a project that involved poetry and children with autism spectrum disorders by ATCA 25 min (ro)
17.30- video poetry Eliza Nicolaina 5 min (ro)
17.35- Livia Stefan, “Re:volver” reading (ro)
17.45- Vlad Tausance – “at my own table” reading (ro)
17.55- Cristi Cotarcea reading: “getting of the world” (ro) (eng)
18.05- Floarea Tutuianu live “The Fish Woman” (ro)
18.15- Peter Sregher: slam power (ro) (eng)
18.25- Iulia Militaru and Anca Bucur video-poetry interaction (ro)
18.35- Adi Dinis “Odious poems of love” reading (ro)
18.45- Radu Nitescu “Gringo” reading (ro) (eng)
18.55- Silvia Gradinaru “L’ enfant terrible” reading (ro) (fra)
19.05- Final masks on power moment (ro) (eng) “The mask of Authority” a letter to Pier Paolo Pasolini

The event will be broadcasted live at





Romanian Poetry on Screens

As a part of 100 thousand poets for change, 2011 poetry was put on screen in the middle of Bucharest on 24th of September.
This is a first video (not the official one yet) fot the event we had in Bucharest with poetry on the biggest media facade in Continental Europe (560 square meters/6,205 sq. ft.). It was the first time ever, when Romanian poetry was presented on this surface.
It included poetry by classical, modern, and contemporary Romanian poets selected to illustrate the idea of change.

a galery of images from the event can be seen here

A relational trip


Romanian Poetry in Berlin 2009 long night and relational poetics day

Relational Poetics in 2009 And Long Romanian Poetry Night Slideshow: Razvan’s trip from Bucharest, Romania to Berlin, Germany was created by TripAdvisor. See another Berlin slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

The Romanian Poetry. the best history

As I prepare a presentation on Romanian Poetry for Poznan in Poland, I can say that the best introduction is the article from The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. The author is Virgil Nemoianu and someone had put it in a video:
The co-editors of the book were Alex Preminger and T.V.F. Brogan. The associate editors were Frank J. Wernke, O.B. Hardison and Earl Miner. At least until the end of XX-th century it offers a good start for study.

Poetics of the Quotidian turns atelierelational

The event of live literature, Poetics of the Quotidian has been held weekly in Bucharest for the last five years. It was closed in June and became Atelierelational since September.
Ioan Es Pop si Razvan Tupa at Atelierelationale#1 in September 2010
According to Razvan Tupa, the host of the event “Atelierelational is a new series of events that will involve more the participants from the audience. Poetics of the quotidian did it’s job. It launched a platform of regullar meetings between writers and audience. Now it’s time to hear the audience and to prepare the stage for the very young authors that are to publish their first books.”

The new format of the meetings includes video samples with international poetry and offers to the participants the notebooks of poetry, a thin notebook intended to support the writing of each participant.

Atelierelational is every Saturday at 17.00 in Cafe Dalles (18th Nicolae Balcescu Bd) in Bucharest.

“poetry. the power”, you can watch for free online the movie with 24 young poets from Romania

Now you can watch the full lengh interviews I’ve made with young Romanian poets regarding the pouwer of poetry today with subtitles in English here 24 young writers explain literature where it comes from and where it goes.
Some may swear that prose is poetry’s mother, others think it is a pyramid, a form of communication, or rage, a beeline for rock celebrity. “poetry. the power” is a documentary that takes the pulse of Romanian contemporary poetry, of its public an its indecency: an hour with new poets and their special powers. see you